At Clark Seeds & Gari’s Greenhouse, we understand that your garden is more than just a plot of land - it's an extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style! For 40 years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with seeds, grain, mulch, stone and all other garden supplies they need to get the job done right. In addition to hard-working outdoor essentials, we also stock pet treats and bagged feeds as well as plants, fertilizer and hardware items to help you create the perfect garden.


We can help you take your pasture or hay production to the next level, with our clover and alfalfa seed. Thanks to our comprehensive CRP Mixes and DelDot Conservation Mixes, you can restore and protect fragile land with confidence. For neat and attractive lawns, try out our special lawn seed blends. And for those who like to support and attract local wildlife, we have specially formulated Wildlife Mixtures designed to give you maximum impact.

Grain Seeds

Superior grain seeds are the ideal choice for any agricultural project. Whether you're looking to grow barley, corn, oats, rye, soybeans or wheat, these reliable and high-yielding seeds provide great results every time. Not only do they produce top-notch crops but are also excellent cover crops that suppress weeds and improve overall soil health. Our selection of grain seeds are sure to give you a bountiful harvest for years to come!

Mulch & Stone

Our mulch, stone, and soil essentials are of high grade quality and guaranteed to be both cost-effective and reliable. From mulch ideal for the entire garden to stones perfect for lining pathways, we have the right material for any landscaping job. And when it comes time to purchase your materials, don’t forget that we offer local delivery services make your project easy and convenient!

Garden Seed

Gearing up for the gardening season doesn't have to be a hassle! No matter what type of garden seeds you need, we have you covered with dozens of varieties of botanical and organic seed packs. Whether you want to grow your own vegetables or take on a new flower bed project, Clark Seeds is here to help make your dream garden a reality.

Lawn Care

Our vast selection of lawn care products from industry trusted names will help to take your lawn irrigation and maintenance care to the next level. Plus, we provide useful resources that explain how to optimize planting and caring for your lawn so you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space season after season. Browse our collection today and find helpful items as soil testers, watering systems, an array of fertilizers and more!

Pet Food & Supplies

With our large variety of pet food and supplies, you can rest assured your pets both big and small are receiving the essential nutrition and comfort they need. Find everything you need to care for your bird, dog, rabbit, or horse from medicated chicks to high performance show animals. Clark Seeds is committed to providing the very best selection of bag feeds, water tubs, bird houses, feeders and more.

Home & Garden

Shop with us for all of your home and garden needs! We offer a wide range of products to help make your outdoor space look great. From potting soil to provide the perfect bed for your prized plants, to canning supplies and insecticides to keep your favorite fruits and veggies safe from pests and disease, we have it all here. And let's not forget the finishing touches — tasteful lawn ornaments to lend character to any yard.

Greenhouse Plants

Clark Seeds is here to help you select the perfect mix of blooms to add color, depth and texture to your yard or business this season. From annual bedding plants to perrenial border plants, herbs, shrubs and trees, we guarantee your property will stand out from the rest. No matter what time of year, we have the perfect suggestions to get you gardening in no time!


Our hardware section is packed with everything you need to get the job done. We stock a range of stock gloves, hand tools such as trowels, loopers, sheers, shovels, pitchforks, and more! So whatever landscape or gardening project awaits you, our hardware section can provide you the products and services you require to make it happen.


To learn more about the products we carry or to discuss the needs of your outdoor space, get in touch with Clark Seeds today by visiting our website’s contact page or explore our full offering of seeds and landscape essentials at our nursery in Clayton, DE.

Clark’s Seeds is located in Clayton, DE and proudly serves the needs of home gardeners, commercial growers and landscape professionals across the county.

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