Wildflower Mixes

Wildflower planting provides for an enjoyable past time, scenic beauty as well as cut flowers and bouquets. All of these attributes can be accomplished cheaply and relatively easily. Wildflowers are being used at industrial sites, office complexes, highways and golf courses. Not to mention the opportunities open for home landscapes, flower beds, container gardens and border areas.

Bloomcoat Wildflower Mixture
Bloom 'N Grass Colorscape Mix

  Bloomcoat Wildflower Mixture

Clark Seeds Bloomcoat Wildflower is an assortment of perennials and annuals that range in height from 1' - 3'. All varieties are native to North America and are adaptable to many areas and growing conditions. Bloomcoat seed is coated with a colored lime base for more uniformity and ease of application as well as aiding germination. It should be seeded in much the same manner as grass seed. 1 ounce should cover 250 square feet in bed and border areas and 1 ounce per 500 square feet works well in open areas.

Back to Nature or Meadow plantings provide an interesting opportunity to the professional as well as home gardener and the effect is relatively easy to achieve. When a complete colorscape is not the desire, create a "meadow" environment of flowers and grasses, using Hard fescue or Sheep fescue with any wildflower mix of your choice. These fescues provide an attractive cover and perfect accompaniment to the color variations of flowers. In addition to appearance, Hard and Sheep fescues are very adaptable to a wide range of soil profiles and fertility levels. They require a minimum amount of maintenance and are generally more complimentary and lower growing than other grasses.

Bloomcoat is 50% of mixture by weight. Bloomcoat Wildflower Mixture contains the following kinds:

Annual /


% of Mix


A Bachelor Button Mixed Colors 5.00 24"
A Scarlet Flax Red 5.00 24"
A Painted Daisy, Mixed Colors 3.00 30"
P Blue Flax Blue 3.00 24"
A Rocket Larkspur Blue - Violet - Pink 3.00 30"
A Gypsophila White 2.00 24"
A Sweet Alyssum White 2.00 24"
A Baby Blue Eyes - Blue 2.00 15"
A/P Siberian Wallflower Orange 2.00 24"
A/P Lupine Mixed Colors 2.00 24"
A/P California Poppy Orange 2.00 24"
A African Daisy Mixed Pastels 2.00 24"
A Clarkia Red - Deep Pink 2.00 24"
A Sulphur Cosmos Orange 2.00 30"
A Plains Coreopsis Yellow Maroon 2.00 18"
P Purple Coneflower Purple 1.25 30"
A Strawflower - Mixed Colors 1.00 24"
A/P Clasping Coneflower Yellow 1.00 24"
P Coreopsis Lance - Lvd Yellow 1.00 24"
P Sweet William - Mixed Colors 1.00 24"
P Dames Rocket Violet 1.00 30"
A Bird's Eyes White - Lavender 1.00 24"
A Gaillardia Yellow - Red 1.00 30"
A Corn Poppy Mixed Colors 1.00 30"
A Spurred Snapdragon Mixed Colors 0.50 24"
A Catchfly Pink 0.50 24"
P Columbine Mixed Colors 0.50 24"
P Gold Yarrow Gold 0.25 40"
  Bloom 'N Grass Colorscape Mix

Exciting wildflower and companion grass mix for meadow or "back to nature" plantings, 30% Bloomcoat wildflowers, 35% hard fescue, 35% sheep fescue. Low maintenance, wide flexibility. These fescues are selected for their attractive blue - green tint, generally low growth habit. Perfect accompaniment to the color variation of the Bloomcoat wildflowers. Suggested seeding: 1lb. per 1000 square feet.

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