Lawn Care

Choosing the correct seed for the conditions of your lawn area is the first step for success. Click on our grass lawn seed for recommendations.

Once you have established your lawn, following proper cultural practices are critical for continued success. Key factors to consider are:

  1. Apply fertilizers in accordance with soil test results. Too little or too much fertilizer with adversely affect the vigor of your lawn.

  2. The same goes for lime application. Lime will raise your pH and will allow the plant to use the fertilizer you apply. Most lawns prefer a slightly acid condition which is a pH of around 6.5-6.8.

  3. Mow your grass at the proper height. Usually around 3 inches is an optimum level. By allowing your grass to grow too tall before mowing the result will be thatch buildup. Thatch reduces the air supply to the ground and creates an environment for insects and lawn diseases to grow.

  4. As your lawn thins out you may need to over-seed. Fall is the better time to rejuvenate your lawn as there will be less competition of weed growth.


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